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Attaching ‘man’ to the front of a word really needs to stop. You don’t have man-flu, you’re not in man-pain, you’re just a product of a patriarchal system that says you can’t have feelings without them being MANLY.

I like how she rages about people…

I am SO glad you’re wrong. Your understanding of “patriarchy” is limited and serves only the needs of feminism.

Consider the power dynamics between the queen bee and the workers… ignore the gender… just consider the dynamics between the two. The disposability of the majority of the hive… and the imprisonment of the queen.

I don’t understand what you deem as feminism. It’s not about any sex being better than the other, it’s about changing the way we see people, and the stereotypes prevalent in every single damn day, it’s about having control over ourselves and not being judged or judging others, and all having equal rights in all things. You may feel feminism does not do enough for men, but you have to realise that the problems that men face are few in comparison (and you will come back and say men’s are more life-threatening, to which I will respond that a lot of women do not feel safe even in their own homes) and most problems are due to the people who came before us, the people who decided that men have to be strong in everything they do, and that women are weak and need protecting… It’s all a load of BS that some men feel they have to be macho, and I want to try and help people be who they really want to, regardless of what others will say. While I’m poor, all I can do is run this tumblr… in the long run I’d really like to try and make a difference to the way we see each other. I’m level-headed, but if you come back talking poop, I’m done :’)

Find me an example of where feminism recognizes that women have oppressed men, or engaged in oppressive behavior, ever.

I can think of two things off the top of my head which need no source… 1) women having abortions without telling their partner, while the woman is the one carrying the child so she has the right to choose, I think it’s entirely unfair not to at least discuss it first with your partner. 2) custody of children, and how often men are not given equal rights in that field. 3) why do you want examples? So you can feel oppressed too? You don’t need me to tell you how to feel oppressed, it happens whenever you have to think twice about performing an action as you are worried about what others will say. Oppression comes in small and large doses but they are all important in the end.

No… no… I want you to find someone, a self identified Feminist, speaking in a public forum… who states in ANY WAY… that women oppress men.

Not just you saying “I think these are bad things women do”.

I want you to find FEMINISTS who say that WOMEN are the root of a problem… ANY problem that pertains to the oppression of men.

I can find dozens of feminists stating men are the problem for a host of ills. Find me a single solitary feminist who has publicly (via article in a print publication or even video/audio) that has said women are the root of any problem men face.

I can think of one. Just one. Let’s see if you can find another.

The seasons (in case I have to prove you only found the one I did).

Mate, let me be frank with you, why should I? I can only speak for myself, when I talk about feminism, I talk about the things that I believe. I don’t talk about what the man-hater across the street thinks, I reblog and talk about things that I believe, and I don’t need to go find a feminist on the internet supporting my views. Stating that there is anything wrong with feminism is stating that feminism is the same thing to every person, same as saying ‘all women suck, or all men are dicks’. My feminism is my own, and although it contains the word ‘female’, it is much more than the rights of women that I support. If you want to go feel self-righteous because you can only find one souce (though there has to be more) go ahead! But don’t come onto my page, insult my feminism, and compare it to any other feminism you have seen. Think about Christianity, there are many different types all with differing beliefs, but at the heart of it they all believe in one God; this is what feminism is like. There are many different branches of the same thing, and my branch is to treat every body, sex, gender, sexuality and colour equally. So if you can’t handle me caring about men too and the society that makes them behave in certain ways then maybe your hatred goes beyond that of feminism.

Then let’s just be frank about this. You can’t. Your text-wall of deflection changes nothing. I put forward a pretty simple challenge… and you failed that challenge.

That’s all I needed. Thanks.

Again, I don’t care if you want to be self-righteous, it only inflates your ego and doesn’t have any affect on me. Also, I could find 1000 articles and still you would be anti-feminist, because this isn’t about feminism, this is about your need to be right about everything, maybe you should address why you feel that way. Some people just don’t want to change their minds about subjects, it isn’t defeatist. Instead I move on to talk with others who are open-minded about their beliefs :) I will never hate you for being a man, as gender doesn’t dictate beliefs, it is a shame that the same cannot be said for me being a feminist.



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